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History of Restoring The Foundations

God called Chester and Betsy Kylstra (founders of Restoring The Foundations) in mid-life from careers in aerospace software engineering and mental health ministry to new careers as teachers and ministers in the Body of Christ. During their preparation time at Liberty Bible College,* God began to reveal to them the elements of Restoring the Foundations ministry (RTFM). They started to ministry, teach, and train other couples to function as RTF ministry teams to help bring freedom and healing to church members.

Since 1990, when they entered full-time ministry, God has continued to expand their vision. In addition to being RTF ministers themselves, they have established RTF ministry programs within churches, conducted Healing/Deliverance, Activation, and Advanced Training Seminars and Conferences, and trained RTF Ministry Teams throughout the USA and in other nations. They have also been training and overseeing others as RTF ministers and trainers within the local church and the Healing House Network.
They founded Proclaiming His Word Ministries, Inc., in 1992. God had said that others would be joining them, and that they were to prepare a covering organization for them. This did occur, as over the years a number of top-quality RTF ministry teams joined PHW and ministered within the CI/PHW Healing House and throughout the nation. By the year 2000, over 16 trained RTF ministers and trainers, as well as office staff, were working with Proclaiming His Word Ministries.
In January, 2001, they launched the Healing House

Network as a covering membership organization for the many qualified RTF Ministry Teams ministering at the Healing House level of professionalism. This network is providing quality RTF personal ministry for individual and couples, training and oversight, as well as functioning as a nationwide and international referral center.

Chester and Betsy were based at Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, in association with Christian International Ministries from 1993 to 2004. They oversaw the CI/PHW Healing House, where they and other RTF ministry teams served leaders and others in the Body of Christ using the intensive one-week Thorough ministry format. They are ordained by Christian International Apostolic Network, founder Bishop Bill Hamon, and are members of the CI Board of Governors.
Then in July, 2004, the Lord providentially arranged the purchase of Echo Mountain Inn in Hendersonville, NC, as the home of the Restoring the Foundations International Training Center. Chester and Betsy, alone with several other Healing House

Network team members and staff moved to Hendersonville to operate both the Inn and the Training Center. The first charter class arrived on August 1, 2004. Immediately the Lord begin to bring forth effective and profound healings through these new students. They were quickly raised to significant levels of ministry, much faster then had been normal in the past. Two complete series of Training Modules will be offered each year, along with numerous seminars, conferences and specialized topics classes. Please visit the Training Center web site for the latest information.

* Chester has degrees in Mechanical (BS) and Nuclear Engineering (MS, PhD), Betsy in Minister Education (MA, EdS). They both earned their Masters Degrees in Theology at Liberty Bible College, Pensacola, FL.

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